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Sissy's Sick Day
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I'm so glad you decided to call in sick today, sissy. Now we have the whole day to play dress-up!.. How exciting, right? I have everything planned - starting with getting you looking and feeling totally girlified... You can take a nice relaxing bubble-bath with feminine scented bath salts and shave your legs. And then we'll wax the rest of your body so you're silky smooth from head to toe. Next it's the part you've been waiting for - getting you dressed up in something pretty... I think you should wear the maid's uniform today sissy - what do you think? I mean you've got the whole day to yourself - you could do all your chores dressed as a French maid couldn't you? So first you can wiggle into some panties and then we'll tightly lace you into a corset and slide some stockings up your soft legs and pull an extra-ruffled petticoat up to your waist and finally slip you into some extra-high heels and your darling, satin maid's dress. Oh how adorable! I'll tie on a little apron, and you're almost done sissy - just a little makeup, some lashes and nails and pretty wig and I'll top you off with a dainty maid's cap and look at you! A real-life sissy maid - so cute!

I know how easily distracted sissies like you can get when you're all dressed up in your girly uniforms and left all alone so I'm gonna have to lock you in chastity while I'm out. I want you doing your chores not watching humili-porn and making sissy-cummies. You have the kitchen floor to mop, the dishes to wash, the laundry to do. You have the bathroom to scrub, the toilets to clean, the bedrooms to tidy. You have lots of household duties to keep you busy all day long sissy so I don't want you touching yourself - which is why I'm gonna lock you into your smallest chastity cage - scrunching you away to keep you focussed on all your menial jobs. It's not going to be easy, sissy - wiggling around on those platform heels with your mop and bucket... That constricting corset hindering you - leaving you breathless as you go about your duties... Your long blonde hair falling into your face as you scrub the toilet. It's harder than you might think being a house-maid, sissy...

Just one last thing before I head out, sissy... I'm expecting some important deliveries today - and they're gonna need to be signed for... you need to sign for them sissy. You need to answer the door in your embarrassing little maid's uniform, with your heels and your apron and your little cap and you need to sign for my parcels. And I want you to sign with your girly name too - Missy Foo-Foo Frills or Bambi-girl Candy-Cake or Prissy-Princess Pantywaist or whatever it is. I've asked the courier to do that whole photo evidence thing where they make you stand there holding the parcel as proof of delivery too as 1... it's a super-important parcel 2... I can check online that you didn't try to hide or disguise yourself and 3... it'll be totally fucking humiliating for you! I want you to be glowing red with shame as you stand there trembling on your platforms, your little petticoat barely covering your panties, the little bell of your chastity device gently jingling away as you sign for my important parcel from XXL STRAP-ON TOYS Ltd... Oh and there may be more parcels arriving too - more parcels from SISSY BONDAGE SUPPLIES Ltd ... PANTIES FOR BOYS PLC ...

Added: 05-04-2024
Clip Length: 15m 12s
Feminization Chastity Humiliation

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