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Feminized By The Foreign Exchange Student
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It's so nice of you and your wife to host me during my cultural exchange visit. You've made me feel very welcome, cared for and comfortable... until I discovered what kind of pervert my host really is, that is! I sized you up right away as soon as I caught you staring at my pretty heels. I could tell instantly you were a submissive. Your pathetic over-simping made you look so obvious - offering to do my laundry, cook for me, run me a bath - it really does scream bitch to a girl like me... of course I took full advantage, bossed you around a little, acted super bratty and made you give me money n'stuff - but when I noticed I was missing a pair of panties from the pile of clothes I made you fold for me I knew your perversion had gone too far... which is why I had to find more proof... which is why we're having this little talk right now... sissy! Uh-huh, that's what you are isn't it. You're a sissy - and I have proof. I found my panties - the pair you stole from me - along with lots more... and stockings and costumes and wigs and heels and porn - SISSY porn!

I'm not gonna be doing the whole foreign exchange thing today, sissy. Instead I'm gonna spend the rest of the day with you - bullying you. That's what you like isn't it? Bratty, bullying Princesses like me dressing you up and humiliating you? That's the kinda porn you watch - that's why you have a stash of girly clothes - that's why you've got a little sissy-stiffie at the thought of what I have planned for you right now. I'm gonna dress you up as a satin maid, complete with apron and a little maid's cap. I'm gonna put you in stockings and heels and a pretty blonde wig. You're gonna look PATHETIC sissy! I'll fix your makeup and give you some extra-long lashes to flutter as I train you to curtsey for me - and I'll laugh at you sissy - so hard! I won't be able to stop myself because it's going to be so much fun. I'm gonna make you do my laundry all over again and lick my pretty heels and make me some lunch and all the time I'll be bossy and bratty and super-fucking-mean to you... just like the femdom girls in your humili-porn collection.

I'll really go to town on your humiliation sissy and I'll make sure to get it all on camera so that all the other foreign exchange students can see what I've done to you. In fact one of the other students is gonna help me humiliate you even more than you might have imagined. HE is going to help me totally fucking humiliate you. I'm gonna make you suck his cock, sissy. On cam, on your knees, in your dress - you're gonna suck cock! You have no choice, because I have all the proof of what kinda pervert you are. I'm gonna watch you sissy, I'm gonna supervise you and tell you how to suck his cock - I'm going to humiliate you and call you names and laugh at you as you pretend to be a girl and suck his cock for me. I'm going to video it all, sissy - I'm going to record you begging him, submitting to him, sucking him and then when he's finished in your mouth - I'm going to film you swallowing his cum. And when I have every humiliating moment captured - I'm gonna send it to everyone!

Added: 20-08-2021
Clip Length: 15m 14s
Feminization Bi Humiliation Humiliation Brat Girls

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