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Sissy Exposure - How Bad Do You Want It To Be
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Everyone knows that all sissies like you deserve complete exposure! It's not fair that you get to pretend you're a real man and trick people into seeing you as a regular guy and not the pathetic dress-up pansy you secretly are. Some of the bratty girls in your life might have recognised the signs, your submissive nature, the way you admire feminine clothing, the way you're easily intimidated and dominated by hot girls, but unfortunately these girls are the minority... which is where we come in! The CruelGirlfriend team are on a campaign to hunt, locate and EXPOSE every single sissy in the world! Oh I'm sure you're thinking, "I'll be fine - there's no way they'll be able to find me - I'm way too careful online" but trust me, we know how your weak sissy minds work! You might start off being careful, but soon the desire to please beautiful dominant girls like me is too much to control and the need for your own humiliation will take over and you'll let some details slip, then more and more until your whole life is at our mercy.

Rest assured there'll be no mercy from us, sissy! Once we find you we won't stop until your friends, family, colleagues, everyone in your life knows what you really are! The photos you sent me while cum-drunk on humiliation will be plastered everywhere, as well as your real name, phone number and addressed so any Alpha males in your town will know just where to go to drain their balls! We'll fill your bosses inbox with emails full of all your sissy fantasies, screenshots from our cam conversations and compromising images showing you in embarrassing predicaments. We won't stop there - girls you've dated - girls you want to date, girls you have no fucking hope of dating - they'll all be introduced to your sissy persona. We'll make sure you are totally fucking exposed - out there for everyone to ridicule!

There is one glimmer of hope for you though sissy! If you decide to approach us before we come and find you, then we might take it a little easier on you. Perhaps we'll save you the shame of being exposed to your family, perhaps we might even let you choose who we'll expose you to, maybe we'll give you some choice about what exposure material we'll circulate but be warned: should you fail to approach us and confess all your sissy desires, your exposure will know no limits! So the choice is yours sissy: sign up for our sissy exposure service, or face the consequences of having your life completely ruined! It's up to you sissy - leave us to turn the dial up to 10 on your sissy exposure or have the chance to turn it down a little - we're gonna expose you whatever happens - it's up to you how bad it's gonna be!

Added: 19-04-2021
Clip Length: 14m 37s
Feminization Humiliation Blackmail Public Humiliation

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