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Bullied Into Girliness
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I'm gonna bully you into girliness, sissy! Uh huh - we all are - me and all my girlfriends are gonna turn you into a girl - a girly girl - a bimbo girl - a 100% fully feminized panty wearing sissy-girl… and then we're gonna humiliate you for it. That's what you get for failing at being a man, missy. You get dressed up by snarky mean girls, dressed in the cutest outfits, paraded and made to pose for us - and then totally laughed while you blush with shame. It's gonna be so funny - for us that is... but for you, it's gonna be crushing! A whole room of bitchy mean-girls pointing at you, giggling at you, calling you names and totally fucking embarrassing you - I think it might actually make you cry sissy... Bullied until you cry for the mean girls who are gonna turn you into a girl. We're gonna shave your legs and wax your whole body so it's soft and girly - just like us. You want to be soft and girly don't you sissy? You've got to be... because you've tried being a man and you failed - so now it's time to be a girl... so shave your legs sissy!

Wiggle into panties - haha! Wiggle your panties over your hips for us. Look at you - how fucking stupid do you feel? huh? You're wearing girly pink panties - and not just and panties - PINK, Ruffled, Ultra-feminine, FOO-FOO panties! Ah-hahaha! You're ridiculous - you've been bullied into panties by your mean-girl princess and now it's about to get even worse! I've only just started with you sissy... next you need a bra and then some stockings - go on sissy - I want to see you totally fucking emasculated! You're going to wear the daintiest lingerie for me and my girlfriends. You're going to be feminized in frills, and decorated with ribbons and bows... just for our bitchy mean-girl amusement. You're getting bullied by us sissy - bullied into girliness. You already look oh-so pretty and we haven't even started on painting your nails and putting on your makeup or fixing your lashes... You're gonna get all that sissy - we're going full-femme on you. Lashes, lips, tits, and long blonde hair - you're getting the works - all so we can laugh at you!

And when you're all pantied and painted... we're gonna put you in a HUMILIATING outfit. Yah-ha little miss pinkie-panties! You're going to model something to make us all laugh EXTRA hard! We'll force you into a maids uniform, parade you in a cheer-girl uniform, dress you up like a stripper... and you're gonna model for us you little pansy. Oh - yeah - the girls cannot wait to see you strutting around in your stripper heels and micro-skirt, giving us the full cheer-girl pom-pom routine and then cleaning up our apartment in your satin missy-maid uniform... and all the time - we're gonna be calling you names, taking photos and making you feel totally ashamed of yourself. You failed, sissy - you failed at being a man and now you have to pay the price - you have to become a girl - you have to wear Extra-long lashes and extra-short skirts - you have to wear delicate lingerie and impossible heels. You have to wear your hair in pretty pig-tails and learn to pose and twirl and dance and curtsey - just like a real girl - we're gonna teach you sissy - and we're gonna laugh at you every mincing step of the way!

Added: 09-02-2023
Clip Length: 13m 47s
Feminization Humiliation Public Humiliation

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