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Sissy Maid Duties In The Ladies Locker Room
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I don't care one little bit that you don't want everyone to see you dressed in such a humiliating fashion! I don't care how embarrassing it is for you to be dressed in a frilly foo-foo maid's uniform. I don't care how emasculating it is when you're made to curtsey for one of the girls or when they pinch or slap your bottom. I don't care about how tiring the work is or that it hurts your feet spending all day locked in those impossibly high heels. I don't care that the uniform is far too short or tight for you. I don't care if everyone laughs at you as you walk to the gym in such an effeminate girlie outfit. All your complaints are irrelevant to me - you're going to carry on working as the locker room sissy maid at the gym until the end of your contracted term and that's an end to it!

Dressed in your maid's uniform with a plug in your ass and your failure-cock scrunched into a pink chastity device under your ultra-feminine panties, you'll complete all your emasculating chores in front of all the girls at the gym. You'll keep the ladies locker room absolutely spotless sissy. You'll scrub the toilets, you'll keep the tampon dispenser fully stocked and you'll hand out towels to all the bratty gym-bunnies that come in - all while dressed like a pathetic pansy sissymaid! They love how weak and unthreatening you are with your pathetic cock all locked away in chastity. They'll all love how they can boss you around and they'll love humiliating you and laughing at you as you obediently clean up after them before they leave to meet their big gym-stud boyfriends.

And that's the thing, sissy. Just because you're the LADIES locker room sissy maid - you're certainly going to be seen by the men that use the gym too. I mean as soon as word gets out that there's a sissy hiding in the girl's locker rooms - the guys are gonna want to check you out for themselves. How totally fucking humiliating is that gonna be sissy! Having real men lifting up all the ruffles of your frilly maid's uniform to make sure your little boner is safely locked away. Hearing them making fun of you in front of all the gym girls. They'll love that you tremble when they slap your bottom and they'll love that they can order you to complete even more humiliating services for extra cash. You're going to be working at the gym for quite some time sissy, so I suggest you be a good little locker-room maid and get used to all these little insecurities you have!

Added: 16-10-2020
Clip Length: 14m 51s
Feminization Public Humiliation Humiliation Bi Humiliation

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