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I'm Locking The Door Sissy
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Y'know what you deserve sissy? You deserve some public humiliation. You deserve to be sent out in your emasculation uniform and totally exposed - so that everyone can see you and laugh at you. I'm not talking about the kinda public humiliation where you get dragged along to a fetish party to be mocked by a room full of Femdom Goddesses. No sissy, I mean the kind of public humiliation where you're exposed to the vanilla world. Snarky mall brats, hot sales assistants, passers-by, your neighbours - the real public, sissy! I want the real public to see you LOCKED inside your girly sissy-maid uniform, with your heels padlocked to your feet, your pathetic mincing ribbons cuffed to your wrists and ankles. I want everyone to see you paraded in your stockings with your waist pulled in super-tight. I want them to see the embarrassment on your made-up face as you try to hide under the long blonde wig. I want everyone to see you sissy - and I have the perfect assignment to make sure they get to!

I'm gonna lock you out sissy. I'm gonna lock the door so you can't get back in - and it's gonna stay locked until I decide you've had enough humiliation. I'm gonna drop you somewhere in town in your ridiculous sissy-maid costume and leave you stranded with nothing. No phone, no keys, no money - just a packet of condoms tucked into your ruffled panties. You'll be so fucking terrified sissy - you'll beg me with all your heart not to abandon you. You'll beg me with tears in your eyes knowing the humiliation that awaits you will be crushing if you can't convince me to change my mind. But I'm not gonna change my mind sissy - you deserve this experience. You deserve to feel the inescapable shame of being exposed in public dressed in your girly dress. You deserve to feel so totally vulnerable - your foo-foo panties barely covered by your frilly petticoat. You deserve to feel frightened of being seen by someone you know. And most of all - you deserve to be laughed at and pointed at and mocked and belittled by everyone that sees you.

It's just too bad I'm not gonna be around to see it, sissy. You're gonna watch me take one last look at you - trembling on your bondage heels, fidgeting with your dress - trying to keep your modesty intact, your lip quivering with fear and then I'll leave you all alone. You'll suffer the ultimate public humiliation now sissy - you'll walk the streets, wiggling your feminized ass with nowhere to go and nowhere to hide. You'll endure endless humiliations - girls laughing at you, boys calling you names and propositioning you. Who knows what ordeals await you sissy - will you get away with being bullied everywhere you go - made to pose for photographs in your pretty dress or will you find yourself in much more serious predicaments - trapped by men who want to take advantage of how helpless you are. Will you make it home with your panties still on, sissy? Will you make it home without cum-stains soaked into your sissy-maid apron? Will you make it home with all the condoms I left you with? I truly hope not sissy!

Added: 27-02-2022
Clip Length: 13m 44s
Feminization Public Humiliation Humiliation Bi Humiliation

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