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You Work For My Real Man Now Secresissy
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Congratulations on the new job cucky - I know you're gonna love your new role SO much! Yeah, I know you already have a good job and you've worked hard on building a career but this new one is going to fit you much better and the great thing about it is I know your new boss REALLY well! I know it's gonna be a bit embarrassing for you - working for the real-man I'm cuckolding you with, and I'd really love to be able to tell you it won't be too humiliating... but it will. That's the point you see. We want it to be humiliating - my real man and I want to TOTALLY humiliate you - which is why he's agreed to make you his new secretary... or secresissy to be more precise! I've already sent a letter of resignation to your current employer so it's too late to change your mind about the new job now cucky haha! You start your new job at my real-man's company on Monday!

My real-man has been fucking your girlfriend and bossing you around at home and now he's gonna be the boss of you in work too - and we decided the best way to make it EXTRA humiliating for you would be to give you a humiliating position at his company - the secresissy. You can forget whatever successful career you thought you had before - you're a secresissy now and you'll NEVER be anything more. You're gonna get bossed around by EVERYONE now and best of all - you'll be doing it dressed as a girl. My man has chosen a totally emasculating secresissy uniform for you. A tight, ultra-short office-skirt, a blouse and some tall heels. Of course, you'll also be wearing figure-enhancing lingerie too cucky. A corset, seamed stockings and matching panties. You're gonna look like a porno bimbo-secretary with your hair teased up into a bun an cute spectacles. You're going to look like the office slut.

Imagine how the other girls in the office are gonna treat you cucky. You're gonna get totally bullied and humiliated. The sissy secretary - the feminized cuckold who's been forced to work for the man who fucks his girlfriend. The bimbofied pansy who has to work as a girl as an extra humiliation to being cuckolded. You'll be humiliated and bossed around everyday. You're gonna take care of all my real-man's requests. You'll run errands for him - heading out to fetch him lunch and pick up his dry-cleaning. You'll do whatever he says - everything sissy - you'll take care of his 11am blowjob, his 2pm blowjob and his 4pm blowjob. You'll manage his diary - which will include making arrangements for our dates. You can sit in the office and work late while you think about all the things he's gonna be doing to your girlfriend. And at the end of the day, you can catch the bus home and prepare us dinner and spend the night serving us. You're gonna be our cuckold sissy servant 24/7 - serving us at home and at work every single day!

Added: 16-07-2021
Clip Length: 14m 35s
Feminization Cuckolding Public Humiliation Bi Humiliation Humiliation

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