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Four Said Feminization
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Now you're really gonna get it, sissy! Now you're in BIG trouble! My boyfriend is on his way over and he's bringing his gym buddies with him. You're SO gonna regret being a little bitch! You should have just done as I told you to do in the first place and put the outfit on... I only wanted you to go out and pick up a few groceries for me - it would have meant just a little teeny-tiny bit of public humiliation in a frilly maid's uniform and heels for you... but no - you had to be a brat about it. You had to have a pansy-tantrum and sissy-sulk about it. Well, that's a big mistake, missy! My boyfriend is coming with 3 more work-out bullies and they're gonna MAKE you. We all will - all of us are gonna put you into your dress and send you out on your embarrassing errand. Except now it's gonna be WAY worse for you. Of course it will, sissy - my boyfriend and his buddies are gonna have some fun with you when they get here. All four said feminization ...and... all four said bi too haha!

You know what they're gonna do when they get here you little brat? They'll drag your ass back into the bedroom and strip you right down to your bare ass and little pink chastity cage. You'll be trembling like a pathetic weakling - stood in front of my hench real-man and his gym-rat buddies - all laughing at your puny, feminine body with your inferior little runt-dick all scrunched away in that device - you'l look like such a wimp - begging them not to hurt you... pleading for them to leave you alone. No such luck though, sissy - nah-ah - because I'll be right there with them to tell them exactly what I want them to do to you. ''Put her in the panties and bra, boys.'' haha! And then I'll point to the girliest, frilliest most embarrassing set of lingerie laid out on the dresser ready for them to feminize you. Hu-mi-li-ating! haha! I'm just gonna love watching those big, strong men holding you down as they femme-you-up! ''And the stockings, boys - the lace, trimmed ones'' haha! Lingeried by my boyfriend and his buddies - you'll feel so fucking ashamed, sissy!

''I think sissy should wear the super-short, extra-humiliating satin maid's uniform for her little errand don't-cha think boys?... Dress her up!'' Haha. I'm gonna love this so much, sissy - four real-men wrenching that pretty dress over your body - turning you into a girl right in front of me. What good would saying 'No' do you now huh? Four big-ass bullies pinning you down as I paint your face, glue lashes and fix your wig. ''Doesn't she look pretty, boys?''... We'll make you look so pretty, in fact, that I think they'll want to have their fun with you before they send you out to the store... but what would they wanna do to you, huh sissy? What would 4 strong gym-bullies want to do to a helpless, feminized, submissive sissy in a frilly missy-maid uniform?... Like... fuck you maybe? Like... push you down and make you suck their cocks? Like... pass you around, taking turns on your holes - treating you like a total slut? They're gonna make such a mess of you sissy - right before we send you out to do what you were told to do before you decided to be a fucking brat.

Added: 12-05-2024
Clip Length: 15m 34s
Feminization Bi Humiliation Humiliation Public Humiliation

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