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Bangkok Hellhole
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It's going to be a fucking nightmare for you sissy - I'm not gonna lie. When your face is pressed against the hole in the wall. Your head securely locked in place with your lips of your O-gagged mouth wrapped around that glory-hole - you'll realise the nightmare you are truly in for sissy. You won't be able to move an inch - your face will be clamped to that opening, your neck collared and fastened to the wall with a thick steel chain. Your wrists cuffed behind you and anchored to the floor between your ankles with more steel. It'll be oh-so uncomfortable, sissy. Kneeling on that disgusting, cum-soaked surface unable to move a muscle. Blindfolded, bound, dressed in a cheap bra and panty set, stockings and heels. Hooped earrings, a long blonde wig and lashes so long they kiss the gloryhole wall your face is pushed up against. Oh sissy you look every bit the glory-hole cock-slut - it's just too bad nobody will even get to see you in there... not for the whole time!

I think you described my rental apartment as being like a Bangkok Hellhole in your review, right sissy?.. I want you to reflect upon that while you spend the next 2 weeks locked in an actual hellhole. I want you to think about your choice of words while you experience a true living hell - being endlessly face-fucked though a hole in a wall. No possibility of escape - no possibility to evade what is happening to you - no possibility to do anything other than suck the cocks of the men that will push their dicks through the gloryhole - into your mouth and down your throat. You're going to spend 2 weeks locked in there - the same amount of time you managed to suffer my 'Bangkok Hellhole' apartment, sissy. You're going to spend 2 weeks having your face pumped full of cum by strangers at all hours of the day and night. No breaks - no release - no food or water - you'll get all the nourishment you need from the generous deposits made from all the anonymous cocks that push into your mouth.

You have no idea what a hell-hole is, sissy - but you're gonna find out for sure. You'll have no idea where you are, how long you've been there, how many men have used you or who they are. 24 hours in there will seem like a fucking month but it'll be only the start for you. You'll have hundreds more cocks to pleasure and hundreds more cumloads to guzzle before you'll see daylight again. Men will use you and degrade you - pushing their used condoms back through the gloryhole for you to eat - if you're lucky enough for them to use one in the first place. They'll order you to push your tongue out to clean their cocks, they'll laugh at the desperate moans and whimpers coming from the other side of the hole as your mouth takes yet another punishing throat-fucking. They'll feed you their dirty cigarettes stubs - dumping them into the hole after they're done smoking and enjoying your five-star gloryhole mouth. They'll make sure you find out just what a hellhole really is sissy!

Added: 21-04-2024
Clip Length: 15m 57s
Bi Humiliation Feminization Humiliation

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