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I'm The Boss - I Make The Rules
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This isn't a joke - I'm being totally serious - I'm going to fire you. You're just not the kinda guy the girls and I want working with us… You're not exactly office eye-candy and we want someone hot around here. Between the two of us - you're really quite good at your job - but I'm still gonna fire you anyway so I can hire someone way better looking. It's not like your career was going anywhere anyway - you must have noticed how I've been promoting all of your female colleagues - incentivising them with bonuses and perks that you never get. Getting fired will be the best thing that could ever happen to you - you might get a job working for someone a lot less of a bitch than me next time... if you can get a job that is - I wouldn't expect a very flattering reference from me - and getting fired won't look good on your CV. Look - maybe I could be convinced to let you stay working for me - if you're prepared to show me just how much this position means to you - like, is it worth sucking cock for?... I told you this isn't a joke, faggot... I said I'm being totally serious - if you want to keep your job, you're going to suck my husband's cock.

He'll be here in around an hour - which is just enough time to get you ready for him. I think it would be extra-special for him if I had you dressed up like one of the secretaries - he'd like that. I think if you really want to prove to me how much you want to keep your job, you'll wear a short business skirt, a white blouse, seamed stockings and heels for my husband and you'll suck his cock. It's the only way you're going to walk out of here with your job tonight, office-bitch. So I want to hear you tell me you'd like to suck my husband's cock - and I want you to mean it. If you want to keep your job you're going to do this - you're going to kneel before my real man in your little admin-girl uniform, you're going to look up at him and beg for his cock and you're going to suck him - hands behind your back with your head bobbing backwards and forwards on his superior dick as you work on making him cum to save your career.

Guess who else is going to be here to watch you sucking cock to save your job, sissy? ALL the girls from the office - the hot girl you've had such a crush on, the bratty new intern who's about to get promoted over you, the cute new assistant I brought in just to give you a hard time - they're all coming to watch you suck my husband's cock. You're gonna be so fucking humiliated - on your stockinged knees, hands clasping your heels as you plant little thank-you kisses up and down his cock - thanking him for letting you suck his cock to save your job. How embarrassing - all the girls whispering and giggling as you suck my man to a powerful orgasm all over your face and down your throat. Your blushing face, smeared with the thick cumload of my Alpha - while we make you tell us how grateful you are for still having a job. This is what office sissies like you need to do to avoid getting fired!

Added: 25-09-2023
Clip Length: 15m 28s
Bi Humiliation Feminization Blackmail Humiliation

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