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Pantied For Profit
4K HD SD Photoset

What good is a sissy if she's not earning me money anyway huh? What was the point of taking all of those photos and videos of you posing in panties if I don't take full advantage of them? I thought I made it clear that I'd use every single image against you sissy - I thought you understood that I planned to profit from your panty-humiliation? It's far too late to get upset now - you had your fun - parading around in frills for my camera. Surely you didn't think I'd find your pathetic mincing and curtseying in frilly pink panties so cute or adorable that I'd simply forget about all the evidence I was collecting and let you go on your merry way? No sissy - you were pantied for profit - my profit and I intend to turn your moment of poor judgement into cold hard cash.

How much do you think a girl can make out of a sissy like you? What are the photos worth to you, huh? Shall I financially ruin you - make you empty your savings account to keep me from sending these photos to all your friends - your relatives - your work colleagues - the females in your life? How embarrassing would it be for you if everyone knew you LOVED being made to wiggle around in girly panties? How humiliating would it be for you to know everyone was laughing at photos of you getting bullied in the prettiest lingerie by a girl? How deeply would you go into debt to keep that from happening? How much would you pay me sissy?... the answer is not fucking enough!

Your bank account won't be anywhere near enough to get you out of this trouble, sissy but your glossy pout-hole will certainly save you. I'll keep your throat pimped out for guys to dump their daily cumloads into and that cash will never stop coming. You'll suck cock in the same precious pink panties that got you into this predicament every day - multiple cocks - so many cocks that I'll never have to think about money ever again. I'll whore your mouth out and get paid every time a man fills your face with his slime. You'll kneel before strangers in those 'adorable' panties and you'll earn your Blackmail-Princess enough money to keep her from sharing all those pictures of you - that's what those images are worth, missy... and that's what you're worth too.

Added: 13-10-2023
Clip Length: 14m 43s
Feminization Blackmail Bi Humiliation Humiliation

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