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Scissor Sissies
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Poor sissy - it must be so hard seeing everyone else enjoying their amazing sex-lives while you live a pussy-free existence. Your little smooth sissy-dick trapped in chastity and hidden away under girly panties - frustrated and forgotten about - denied any pleasure all because sissies aren't allowed the same kinda fun real men get. Sissies are used - you serve - you suffer - you are entertainment and amusement. You may be used to provide pleasure to men - sucking their cocks, bending over and letting them use your fuck-hole as a cum-dump whenever you're told to, but girls are off limits to you failed-male pansies. No girls ever for sissies - you only get to play with the boys... and other sissies of course.

I know it's been tough for you sissy, in a constant state of feminized frustration. The pretty girly clothes you're made to wear only makes it worse, doesn't it? The feel of the dainty, silky materials clinging to your soft, smooth body and the humiliation each emasculating uniform brings you makes your poor locked away cock tighten in its cage. It's endless - the punishment panties, restrictive corsets, training heels, figure-controlling shapewear, wigs and makeup and mincing ribbons all make you so, so desperate - so super-submissive - you just want your little sissy-stick to feel something huh? You do, don't you sissy - you want to cum just like all the other girls and boys get to... I understand sissy - which is why I've invited another sissy playdate to come over tonight and she's as horny and frustrated as you are!

Sissy Daphne is gonna come over in her prettiest party-dress - an adorable short pink dress with ruffles and ribbons and bows and frills - oh-so ultra feminine, sissy! She's gonna wear the cutest lingerie set for you with pretty lace topped stockings to match her panties and bra. She's gonna wear extra-high bed-heels and of course the most beautiful long blonde wig with long lashes, her nails painted, and her makeup flawlessly done. She's going to look so cute sissy - and so will you - you're both gonna look like sisters - uh-huh - I'm gonna make you up to look just like Daphne - two sissies who could get any boy they wanted haha! Oh, but you're not gonna need any boys, missy - nah-ah - you're gonna be scissor sissies - two locked up pansies that get to rub their little pink cock-cages against each other's. You want your frustration to end sissy - then scissor your sister - scissor her pantied cage against your own until you both make sissy cummies in your frilly panties for us. haha!

Added: 08-05-2023
Clip Length: 15m 39s
Feminization Chastity Bi Humiliation Humiliation

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