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You're Gonna Sissygasm 'Eva-Ray' Single Day
4K HD SD Photoset

A sissygasm - every day of your life. That's what you're gonna get. It's the only 'gasm on offer sissy - it's the only way you get to cum - Anal Masturbation. Penetrated to orgasm - that's the sex-life you signed up for the day you started wearing panties. And who'd have though it would come to this - that your pansy-curiosity for girly frills would end up destroying your masculinity in such a humiliating way - leaking cummies from being impaled on a cock. You've come to terms with it haven't you sissy? You've accepted you're less than a man and that you don't deserve to cum like one. You've accepted that your 'gasms should come with deep humiliation and milked out of you by filling your ass with something - something cock shaped. A Sissygasm is all you deserve - a sissygasm is all you'll EVER deserve - but the good news is sissies need to sissygasm every single day!

Take your favourite ass-training dildo and lube it up, sissy. Lube up a realistic ass-stretching cock and fill your ass up! Push it in, sissy, all the way, every veiny inch of it! Squirm it into your sissy-hole - wriggle all the way down that cock for me - let it totally penetrate you all the way down to the big fake balls. Allow that cock to stretch you - and as your ass is eating up that cock - just think about how totally pathetic you are right now. Imagine about what a girl like me would think about you - doing this because you're not allowed to cum like a real man - because you're a fucking sissy. It must be humiliating for you - a hot, bitchy femdom brat - making you fill your ass with cock to earn a sissygasm. Making you sacrifice your sexuality - just because! You're sat on a big silicone cock while a hot girl makes fun of you... trust me, sissy your sexuality left you a LONG time ago!

This is exactly how sissies cum - and you're gonna repeat this every single day. Push that cock in and out of your ass - fill up on dick you little pansy and don't you dare think about touching your own cock! The only way you're gonna cum is from a whole lot of sissy-humiliation and the feeling of big fake cock filling you up. You're going to cum like this, sissy. In your panties and a pretty uniform - some make-up and a wig - with your ass full of dick! You're going to cum for your Princess's entertainment while I make you do and say super-gay things for me. You're gonna cum with this cock in your ass you little pussy-free failure. Wriggle and grind on that thick cock until you leak cummies onto the floor. Sissygasm for Princess and promise you'll never try to cum like a real man ever again!

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