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You're still the same fucktard nerd that we used to bully all those years ago at school. We treated you like a fucking bitch! Haha. Fetching our lunch for us - paid for with your own money. Doing our homework. Carrying our bags to and from classes - you wimp! You wouldn't ever dare to stand up to us either. You were SO scared of us - scared of what we'd get our boyfriends to do to you. We hardly blame you - I mean look at you. Our boyfriends would beat you to the floor if we just said so. They'd beat you just to make us laugh. We were such bullies to you - it must have made your life so fucking miserable. We should probably apologise for being so mean to you for all that time but the truth is we couldn't give a fuck. Bullying you was one of the highlights of our lives back in school and the bad news for you is We’re not even finished with you yet!

We've arranged a little reunion and we can't wait to see you there. We know you'll come because our boyfriends still enjoy beating wimps like you just to make us laugh. The two of us, out boyfriends and all the hot girlfriends that we used to hang out with will be there and everyone is looking forward to bulling you all over again! You see, we have some extra special plans for you wimp. A super-special treat in fact! We've missed bullying you, tormenting you, degrading you and treating you like our bitch since we all left school. You probably thought that was all behind you but we're gonna remind you of your place - your inferior status to all of us. The thing is - now that we're all older - we know even more cruel ways to bully wimps like you. Now that we're older we can fuck with you in ways we'd never have thought about back in school. Now that we're older - we can get our real men to use more than just their fists to make you our bitch. Now that we're older we can get our real man to bully you with their cocks too!

We're gonna give you the reunion humiliation you deserve - bullied by our real men's cocks in front of both of us and all our girlfriends. We're going to make you suck their fucking cocks. We don't care if you're not gay. We don't care if you're all grown up and married with a family - you're gonna suck their cocks. We made you do everything we said in high-school and nothing has changed now you're older. You're gonna do what we tell you and you are going to love it - not that you have a choice anyway. You will be our boyfriend's little fag cum dumpster. No choice but to suck their cocks and gulp down every last drop of their alpha cum as we all laugh at you. It will be SO hilarious seeing you feed on the cum of our real men - it is what nerds like you deserve! You're gonna suck your bully's cocks until they unload their balls right down your fag throat. This is what happens to losers like you - you don't EVER escape your high-school bullies - you'll always be our bitch so fucking deal with it!

Added: 29 Jun 2020
Clip Length: 14m 21s