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He's such a fucking loser I promise you babe, he was totally checking me out. He really was - trust me, your boyfriend was staring right at my tits and that's the truth. You should give him a taste of his own medicine and CUCKOLD him babe. Fuck other guys - that'll teach him a lesson. I'll lend you one of the chastity devices I lock my boyfriends in - an EXTRA emasculating pink one perfect for cuckold humiliating! That's right loser, I'm gonna help your girlfriend cheat on you. That's what you deserve for drooling over other girls. We're gonna hit the clubs tonight while you stay home and get yourself acquainted with your new chastity device - and when we get home - you're gonna find out the true meaning of cuckold humiliation!

Babe - this is just what your relationship has always needed! You've always complained about how his dick is too small and he's a total failure in the orgasm department... All you've needed is a little pink device and a change of attitude - now he's in that cage you can do ANYTHING you want! Trust me! - after he's seen you riding on top of another guy's cock - he'll NEVER stand up to you ever again. Once he's watched a real man fuck you right in front of him - he'll be a submissive cuck-bitch for life. I can't wait to show him too babe - I can't wait to see his humiliated face when we bring a couple of studs home from the club tonight. We're gonna make him serve us - he'll take their coats, he'll them 'Sir', he'll fetch them drinks - He'll do whatever he's told because if he doesn't - oopsie... where did I lose that chastity key? Haha!

This is your life now cuckold - watching your hot girlfriend fuck whoever she likes. She's gonna fuck your boss, fuck your friends, fuck her ex's - fuck whoever she likes - because you can't do a thing about it. You'll never leave your too-hot-for you girlfriend to find another girl while you're all locked up like that - you're fucking trapped, cuckold! So she gets to fuck as many guys as she likes now. And that's exactly what you deserve for checking out my tits! She's not your girlfriend anymore - she's you owner - she belongs to all the guys she wants to fuck instead of you. She's won't feel bad for you - not for a single moment - she'll be far too busy getting all the cock she wants to worry about your poor cuckold feelings. You're a cuckold now, loser - you'd better start accepting it!

Added: 05 Sep 2021
Clip Length: 12m 55s