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Sissies Belong In Chastity
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Of course I understand, sissy. I understand perfectly - you've been locked away in that teeny-tiny chastity cage for so long - all scrunched up, desperate and frustrated - wishing you could cum just like the real men get to. I know how hard it must be to go months at a time with nothing but endless tease and denial to look forward to. Pretty girls everywhere - making you suffer in that tight little cock-prison tucked away in your panties. Hot girls in the office, at the gym in the bars and clubs and all you can do is squirm and leak in that little device. The humiliation porn you've tormented yourself with over and over - brats mocking you for being caged away - laughing at your pathetic predicament - telling you that you're NEVER going to be unlocked - it makes you ache for an orgasm even more. Of course I understand, sissy.

What YOU need to understand is that just because you want to cum it doesn't mean you deserve to cum - sissies belong in chastity - and you deserve to stay there for your whole life. You deserve to be kept in a state of permanent frustration - totally submissive and obedient in the hope that one day your heartless keyholder might unlock you. You'll look down at the little silk bulge under your frilly lace petticoat and imagine how much pleasure you're missing out on. You'll look at that emasculating cage and be reminded of all the reasons you're not allowed to touch yourself anymore - because you're the kinda wimp that wears frilly, girly dresses tied up with ribbons and bows. Because you wear makeup and lashes and wiggle around in high heels - you're a sissy - and sissies belong in chastity!

Boys who like to dress up and act like girls deserve to have their little sissy-pimples locked away for good. It will allow you to focus on what matters most - serving your superiors - being the very best submissive sissy you can be. With your pee-pee snapped away in permanent chastity you'll concentrate on the pleasure of others. It will be humiliating - of course it will. Having your dick caged away under panties would be embarrassing for any boy. Hearing girls giggling about it - laughing about how we keep you locked up and dressed up will have you glowing red with shame but that's not my concern. All I care about is making sure you never feel the pleasure of an orgasm ever again. You lost that privilege when you clipped yourself into your first bra and painted your lips in glossy pink lipstick. You decided to play girly and that means you don't get to play with your cock anymore.

Added: 09-10-2023
Clip Length: 15m 17s
Chastity Feminization Humiliation

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