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Kali's Teeth Will Make You Confess
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Ouchy - doesn't this little device look simply evil? Look at it - it's so simple but oh-so effective. A little steel ring of cruel spikes to encase the soft flesh of your helpless cock - locked in place to make your suffering impossible to escape from without causing yourself serious injury. The legendary Kali's Teeth Bracelet - such a cute name for something so spitefully wicked... and it's the perfect lie detector. This villainous little device is going to prove to me that you're gay - it really will - because once I have you locked inside its grip, with the spikes pricking into your skin you're not going to be able to hide your faggot-fantasies from me. You're going to wear it for me and you're going to confess, or I'll make you endure such awful pain I can promise you that... so let's begin the interrogation shall we?

All you have to do to avoid unimaginable agony is to not be a FAGGOT... Easy, right?... A hot girl like me calling you out for being gay wouldn't make you hard huh? If I told you how I'd love to make you suck my boyfriend's cock? How I'd love to watch men drench your face in cum? If I described in detail how I'd want a gang of big strong men to use you - that wouldn't give a straight guy a boner would it? Those spikes wouldn't do a straight guy any damage, right, faggot? Right, cock-sucker? Right, cum-slut? Gay humiliation from a bratty Princess like me isn't gonna turn a straight guy on is it? So you have nothing to worry about... unless of course you are as much of a faggot as I think you are!

Are you the kinda faggot that would enjoy being laughed at by me and my girlfriends as our real men slapped their big cocks in your face? Are you the kinda gay-boi that would open his mouth and suck a cock just because I told you to? Are you the bitch that would submit to a room full of guys - let them fuck your slut-holes - let them empty their cumloads into your mouth and ass? Would you beg for cock while I held one right in front of your face? Would you, faggot?.. Oh no... look at your poor cock - the teeth of truth are digging in and proving me right - you're fucking gay - and the more I tell you so - the harder you're getting! You're a faggot - a cock-slut! I knew it and now all that's left is for you to do is confess and I'll let your suffering end... just admit it!

Added: 16-07-2023
Clip Length: 14m 18s
Chastity Bi Humiliation Humiliation

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