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Suck It 'Cause We're Hot
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Say it - ''I'd suck cock for you Goddesses''... Tell us we're SO hot you'd suck a dick for us. Tell us you little cock-sucker - tell us you'd suck cock for pretty girls - that we're so fucking hot that you'd let us watch a guy use your mouth. I know you'd do it for us - We know you'd go gay if we said so. Girls like us can make you do anything we say - even if that means handing in your sexuality and going full gay - just for us - just because we look so fucking pretty! You put girls like us on a pedestal, worshipping our beauty, wishing you could be given the opportunity to impress us, earning some attention even to just be noticed by us. To make us giggle at you. You know girls like us wouldn't ever look at you the way you'd want us to look at you - the way we look at the kind of men that get to date girls like us. You know you'll never be good enough - so when you're given the chance to do something totally fucking humiliating for us - you're falling over yourself to do it... no matter what it is - even if it's sucking cock.

We know we could make you do it and we have just the cocks in mind for you to suck. Wanna know who we'll let use your mouth first? Do you want to ask us, cock-sucker? Do you want to ask your dream-girl goddesses whose cocks we want to watch you suck? Is pleasing your Princesses worth the humiliation of asking whose cocks you'll be made to suck for them? Of course it is - because it's nothing compared to the cock-sucking shame you've already agreed to suffer for our entertainment, right? You're going to suck our boyfriend's cocks. You're going to suck the men who gets to date the girls you drool over every time you're allowed to look at us and they can't wait to put you in your place either. They can't wait to teach you a lesson for looking at their girlfriends. They can't wait to push every inch of their thick, hard cocks down your throat - just for us!

You're gonna prove to us and our boyfriends that you'll go gay for us. You're gonna prove to all of us just how submissive you are - how much humiliation you're willing to endure - how gay you're willing to be for hot girls. You're going to kneel at their feet as they stand over you and you're going to use your mouth to make them both hard - you're going to lick and suck on their big, full balls and worship their superior cocks. We want this to be so humiliating for you - we want you to see us watching you. We want you to see our cruel smile as you suck our boyfriend's cocks - We want you to hear our laughter, we want you to hear us calling you a faggot and making fun of you. We want you to know this is the only way betas like you get noticed by girls like us - subjected to our cruelty for our amusement. We want you to hear us whisper to our boyfriends that ''We knew we could make you do it''... right before they empty their loads right down your faggot throat and all over your cock-sucker face.

Added: 28-01-2024
Clip Length: 14m 54s
Bi Humiliation Humiliation Goddess Worship

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