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Uh-Oh! A Panty-Stiffy Means You're A Sissy
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Are you actually getting a little boner just from me teasing you about it. That's so pathetic! I haven't even made you put them on and you're already SO excited just imagining wearing them for me, aren't you? I knew you would be. Sissies like you always get stiffies at the idea of wearing girl's panties. Maybe it's because you enjoy being totally emasculated by pretty girls huh? Is that it? You can't stop dreaming about panties and being submissive and how you'll never EVER be the kind of real man that deserves to wear boy-pants. You haven't been able to stop thinking about this since I first brought it up. I saw the way your eyes lit up, when I described how I'd pull those frilly, ruffled panties up your legs and over your bottom and make you model and pose in them for me. You tried to deny it, but I could SEE that you wanted it. I could see that you wanted to be put into pantied. I could see that you wanted this humiliation! Didn't you... sissy?

These panties are SO pretty, aren't they?... and they're only the start for you - they're the beginning of a journey you've been waiting for your whole life. Look at them sissy - I picked out the cutest pair just for you, pink and lacy and ruffled and oh-so feminine and pretty, just so that I can see if you get a little sissy-proving stiffy when I make you put them on for me. If you put them on and I see even a hint of a boner, I'm going to turn you into a total SLUT. I'll COMPLETELY feminize you. From head to toe! And then when you're trapped under layers of satin and ultra-frilly petticoats I'll take your panties away from you - just to make sure that everyone sees how hard and excited you're getting by being made to wear all those girly clothes. How embarrassing for you sissy. OMG your trembling feminized body under all those frills will make you so vulnerable to all the real men who'll want to fuck your holes and turn you into a real girl! Breed you and fill you up with cum until it's dripping down your legs. Oh my - imagine if that gave you even stiffer, sissy?

I'm SO looking forward to turning you into my perfect little sissy slut - and it all starts with this pair of emasculation panties, sissy. After that I'll put you in stockings and a tight corset. I'll dress you in humiliating ultra-feminine uniforms. Fix your makeup and put a long blonde wig on your head. I'll teach you to walk in heels and curtsey ever so prettily! You just have to slide these panties on and let your sissy-stiffy show me how much you want to be a girl for me. You've failed at pretending to be a boy so how about being a girl? Feminizing yourself to be what you know I've always wanted you to be? If you get a little boner in your panties, there's no going back, I hope you know that. There's no way in hell that I'm going to let you stop once we've started. I love the thought of you as my girl far too much. And I know you'll like it even more than me when you're sucking real man cock and all your pretty clothes are drenched in cumloads!

Added: 08-12-2023
Clip Length: 13m 52s
Feminization Bi Humiliation Humiliation

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