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Less Is More
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Listen up you unfuckable incel failure! As a self-confessed findom worshipping loser, your job, no, your all-consuming sacred duty, is to see that every dollar you squeeze out of life is lavished on your one and only - yours truly Princess Kimber. And I mean that, not a single cent wasted on anything less than absolute essentials. You should be spending only on what you absolutely cannot live without - the basics a beta like you can eke out a pathetic existence upon. And the rest? Oh, it's all mine, hun, ALL mine. A paypig like you should understand this so if that little nugget of wisdom isn't already nestled in your inferior brain, prepare for a makeover - a neural renovation courtesy of your greedy findom Princess.

So, let's talk lifestyle changes, shall we? Anything you spend that's not on essentials or, more importantly, me, needs to be completely eliminated from your life. I'm your every priority, your raison d'etre, your beginning and end. Who needs frivolous distractions like streaming services? Not you, piggy. Instead, just watch my irresistible clips on a loop. You don't need to concern yourself with your appearance - so you'll cut your own hair instead of going to the hairdresser. You'll skip showers to save utility bill, you'll avoid spending money on deodorants and new clothes… you can stink in old rags for all I care. The only bliss you need in life is spending on me, indulging in the exhilarating thrill of true, all-devoting findom.

Here's your new motto, piggy - less is more. Your finances will soon reflect your minimalist lifestyle, but with one major addition - LOTS more payments flowing my way. You really should be grateful for this training. I'm essentially simplifying your life for you, distilling it to its purest essence. Without my control you're literally worth less… With me taking full control of your finances you have more value - that's a good thing, right? You need to make my life better while embracing a life that's simpler, more basic, and, well, let's face it, a little bit more pathetic. Less is more, piggy - less for you and more for me. You only get to enjoy the beta-basics and I get to reap the rewards of all the money you save eking out your failure-existence.

Added: 01-01-2024
Clip Length: 16m 05s
Findom Humiliation

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