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Incelled By Mila And Her Ice-Cold Latte
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Don't even think about it, loser. You see me, a total fucking Princess, and you drool and goon and daydream that you might have a chance? That I might look at you and see something that no other girl ever has. Seriously? It's laughable! You are so far beneath me, so utterly unattractive and repulsive that I can't even imagine a world where someone like you could even talk to someone like me. Your ugliness, your submissiveness, your lack of anything remotely appealing is just too much. You're pathetic, and I want you to know it. I want you to fully understand that you don't deserve girls - especially girls like me - so you're gonna be INCELLED by us - I'm gonna INCEL You! I'm gonna turn you into a fucking incel and that's exactly the life you deserve loser.

I'm gonna reward your foolish courage in approaching me with the special kind of humiliation we keep back for incels like you. The kinda cruel let downs failures like you deserve. Picture me, in front of my hottest snobby girlfriends, pouring my ice-cold latte into your lap as they laugh at your stupid blushing face. Imagine you've just summoned every shred of bravery in your simply little body to speak to me - and after you're done stuttering out something about how beautiful I look or how amazing my hair is or how pretty my eyes are or whatever - I just shoot you a look of disgust, curl my lip and fill your lap with ice-cold coffee and order you to fuck off back under your incel-rock. That's what you deserve. Girls like me know you're a let-down in bed, we know you've got nothing to offer. We're laughing at you even before you gather the courage to speak to us.

You'll never escape your loser status. Your ugliness, your weakness, your complete lack of anything appealing will always keep you far away from girls like me. It must be a lonely, miserable existence, knowing that you'll never be good enough for even the most basic of girls. Your life is a constant rejection, a never-ending cycle of humiliation and shame. Involuntarily celibate because girls simply don't want to fuck you. We want real-men - which is why you'll stay an incel forever - the only attention you'll get from girls is when we tip our drinks into your crotch and then command you to walk up to the cute server and ask to buy as a replacement. You'll stand in front of yet another too-good-for-you brat with a big wet puddle in your pants and wait for her to hand you a fresh latte with a pretty smirk to deliver it right back to the girl who incelled you.

Added: 29-09-2023
Clip Length: 14m 33s
Humiliation Brat Girls Rejection Public Humiliation

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