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Give Up Pussy For Feet
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I want you to give up pussy forever loser. I want you to live the rest of your pathetic life never knowing what it would be like to fuck a pussy. I know you'll agree - I know deep down you already know that pussy is too fucking good for you - that you don't deserve it - not on any level. You don't deserve to touch pussy - not with any part of your beta self - especially not with your runt-dick. You don't deserve to jerk to pussy - in fact, so we're totally clear here - you don't deserve to jerk to our tits, our asses, our hot bodies or our pretty faces - when I say I want you to give up pussy what I really mean is I want you to give up girls... like everything from the ankles up haha! Yeah - as an extra twist of disrespect - you can jerk to our feet. You're gonna give up pussy for feet - that's the trade you're permitted - that's the reward you're welcome to for staying the fuck away from girls - you get feet - not for real either - Ew fuck no - you get to stay at home jerking of to the video scraps of our feet we choose to throw your way. That's what your sex-life is gonna be foot-bitch.

Does that sound too generous, loser? Am I being WAY too generous to you? I think maybe I am. I think we'll just start you off with socks first - huh? You can jerk off as I tease you with my cute socks and if that proves too much for you we'll know that feet are way too generous. Go on, loser - start jerking to my pretty socks - can you see my feet through the cotton, huh? Can you see my toes wiggling in there? Are you enjoying your new sex-life, right now? Are you? Are you enjoying being so totally fucking pathetic - all alone in front of your screen while real men are actually getting to fuck girls like me right now? Doesn't that hurt just a little bit, huh? That you're not allowed girls anymore - you only get feet - in fact no - right now you're only allowed socks! Is that really the life you wanted for yourself, huh? Did you dream of dating a girl like me - having me as your girlfriend - getting to fuck me - touch my tits? Was that your dream before I demoted you to feet-only? Before I told you that you'd have to give up girls forever and only jerk to my feet - my socks - that's sad - that's sad you didn't get the sex-life you wanted... but you got the sex-life you deserved, right?.

Okay, foot-loser - let me just take a sock off for you - you can put it in your mouth while you jerk for me - while you jerk to one naked foot. Thats so pathetic. This is why losers like you shouldn't be allowed anywhere near pussy - this is why you don't deserve tits or ass or pussy... because look at you right now - look what you're doing to get off - eating my sock while you rub yourself - hoping I'll show you my other 5 toes. This is why you don't deserve to get your cock sucked - this is why pussy-rejection is perfect for you. I bet you wanna see the other foot so bad, right you 'lil freak? Do you? Say please and I'll remove my other sock - say please... there you go - open your mouth and I'll feed it to you - there - now you have both my dirty socks in your mouth like some kinda pathetic sock washing-machine. I bet if I squirted some soap in there with them, you'd get my socks looking super clean for me wouldn't you, foot bitch? huh? Haha - you know what? How about we pretend your cum is soap? How about when you spit out your foot-freak loser load for my wiggly toes you mop up your mess with my socks and put them right back into your mouth, huh? Yeah? I really am too fucking generous, aren't I? Ready to cum loser - are you ready to cum for my pretty toes?..

Added: 01-12-2023
Clip Length: 17m 23s
Rejection Jerk Off Instruction Shoe And Boot Worship Humiliation

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