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Eat Your Cum For Being So Dumb
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You're such a dummy - like so total fucking stupid! Did you seriously think a popular girl like me would be into you? No idiot, as if! I only ever invite you over here when I wanna be mean to you - or to make you do my homework while I sex-talk with my boyfriend on the phone, of if I want you to tongue-clean my shoes and tidy up my bedroom... I'm not even remotely nice to you. I'm just plain mean to you. So why do you take it, huh, dummy? Because I'm so hot? Because I'm the popular girl you've been obsessed with for years? Or maybe it's because you actually enjoy being bullied by girls? Is that it, dummy? Are you a simp for mean-girls? Why else would you do everything I say? I snap my pretty finger at you and tell you to pick up one of my boyfriends used condoms (with your teeth for extra humiliation, obviously) and down you go to do it. I order you to eat the gum stuck to the bottom of my sneakers and you do it! Ew! I tell you to hand over your credit card and oink like a piggie and you do it. You're such an fool - waiting for the next humiliating Princess command to obey - just to impress me.

You're such a loser - you do know that right, LOSER? Do you actually think that doing all these humiliating things for me is impressing me? Like, do you really think I'm gonna want to date the simp that does my homework for me? Do you really think I'm gonna want to fuck the wimp that cleans my shoes to a spotless shine with his tongue, huh? Do you actually think I'd ever wanna be seen with the dork holding my boyfriends Alpha-slimed condoms between his teeth? That you have any chance of getting your dick sucked after you've just chewed my discarded gum? Are you seriously that stupid? No simptard - you're not impressing me - you're just getting used. You're getting used, humiliated and bullied by me and you didn't even see it. You're entertaining me, you're amusing me - you're definitely NOT impressing me. You'll never get to date me - you'll never get to date a girl LIKE me - all you'll get is dominated by us because you're a submissive - you're a beta and I'm gonna prove it to you by making you eat your own cum for me!..

Stroke for me idiot - pull your pants down for me right now and show me how you jerk-off dork! Stroke for your bratty princess and try to impress me. You're gonna jerk off and when you cum - I'm gonna make you eat it up for me. And you'll totally do it won't you - because you do everything I say. You can't say no to me can you dummy? You can't because I'm hot and popular and you like getting bullied by girls like me - don't-cha? Admit it while you fuck your hand-pussy, reject. Jerk into one of my ruined work-out sneakers and think about how this is impressing me - I'm TOTALLY impressed, dork - what girl wouldn't be huh? We all wanna see our boyfriend material jerking off into our sweaty footwear - you are SO gonna get to date me - right after you've gulped down all your dumb-cum for me! Jerk for me, loser - jerk for me and then eat it all up - Eat your cum because that's SOOO gonna earn you a date with a girl like me. Eat it dummy!

Added: 03-03-2024
Clip Length: 16m 25s
Cum Eating Instruction Humiliation Jerk Off Instruction Rejection

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