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Eat Your Cum Or I'll Tell My Boyfriend
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Ew - the thought of you drooling over my Instagram photos totally gives me the ick! The thought that you've been jerking off to my pictures - YUCK! Like what gives someone like you the right? Jerk off to girls in your own pay-grade, loser - not girls like me! You're a BETA male - have some fucking respect. You need to be taught a lesson for this you little pervert - you need to be punished by the same girls who you've been disrespecting. I should just tell my boyfriend on you. I should tell him that you've been jerking off to his girlfriend. I should tell him how grossed out and uncomfortable you've made me feel. Do you have any idea what he'd do to a wimp like you? Do you? He'd snap you in half, weakling. He'd beat you to a pulp. He'd totally fuck you up - just to show me how much he loves me. I should tell him.

I'd love to watch my big bully boyfriend beat you the fuck up so much - but I'm prepared to give you the chance of getting out of a humiliating beating. I'm prepared to offer you a punishment that fits the crime - how does eating your own cum for me sound, huh? Gross - I know - but hear me out. If you take the cum-eating punishment you'll get to jerk off to your favourite Instagram Princess one more time - I'll even supervise you, loser... Now that's gotta sound better than getting all your bones broken by my boyfriend, doesn't it? You wanna jerk off to me don't you? You want to blow your load to my big fake tits and my dream-girl body again, right? So you're gonna eat your cum for me - and if you do it properly and gulp down every drop, I won't tell my boyfriend to beat you up. I promise! Start jerking pervert!

By the time your cum is running down your throat - you're gonna wish you took the beating! I'm gonna humiliate you so bad you little cum eater - I'm gonna laugh at you and bully you all the way. A real man would have faced my boyfriend but not you - you're a total coward who chose to eat his own cum instead. You CHOSE to jerk off into your hand and lick it all up for me. You should be so ashamed loser - the hot girl you've been secretly drooling over gets to see you eat your own cum - that's so pathetic. You're gonna spit it all out for your Princess and then you're gonna eat it - and I'm going to make fun of you for doing it too loser. You're going to eat your own cum because you're too afraid to face my boyfriend - you're gonna eat all your icky mess for me - because if you don't, I'll tell my boyfriend about what a disgusting, ugly piggie-pervert you are!

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