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Stroke To Her Socials Simp
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She's was way too hot for you simp, face it. You can see the kind of guys she likes to date from the photos she posts on her socials. She dates real men - not betas like you - you literally had no chance of holding on to her. Your ex dumped you and now she has a real man - check out her Insta if you don't believe me - he looks fucking awesome! No seriously - go check him out, simp - she has so many photos of herself with him - his big strong arms holding your too-good-for-you ex-girlfriend. She looks so happy to be with him - and why shouldn't she. That guy deserves her - way more than you did - they're definitely enjoying the best sex life - you can just tell, simp. Go on - check out her socials now - I want you to see just how happy your ex is with her.

Y'know what, simp?... Seeing as you're still so 'in-love' with her - why don't you jerk off to her socials - I want you to. I want you to jerk off to the dream-girl who dumped you... and her new man. Uh-huh - both of them. All those photos of him with 'your girl'. She looks so hot, right?... her cute little summer outfits - her date-night dresses - her bikini pics showing off her beach-body - all for him - all for the real man that stole her from you. Can you imagine him fucking her after those photos were taken, simp? When they came home from their date - her mouth would have been all over his cock - you know it. The bikini pics by the pool - right before he took her back into the villa and fucked her. Yeah - he can't keep his hands off her - he's fucking her all the time... and you're not simp. Jerk to that you fucking loser..

What's your favourite photo of them together, simp? Is it the one in that little cocktail-dress - the super-short one that shows off her hot young body?.. or is it the one of them together at the gym - the mirror pose - her perfect gym-bunny body holding on to his big Alpha muscles? Like it's as if these photos were taken just to taunt you doesn't it - as if they're laughing about you behind your back? Jerk to that, simp. Drool over her socials and jerk to the image of them laughing about you - how you're all alone while they're together - fucking. All you get from your hot ex-girlfriend is a handful of socials to pity-stroke your rejected cock to and he gets her lips all over his cock. He gets to fuck her - and you get to jerk off... This is the sex-life a simp like you deserves - stroking to her socials.

Added: 17-07-2023
Clip Length: 14m 07s
Jerk Off Instruction Humiliation Rejection Cuckolding

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