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Lick My Soles Until You Cum
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And you actually thought I'd date you? Look at you - on the floor - staring at the soles of my worn heels as you prepare to totally fucking humiliate yourself for me. Ha! As if! You're pathetic - you really are. You don't deserve a date - least of all with me. No, you little pedi-loser - you deserve to be bullied - you deserve to be ridiculed, mocked, belittled and degraded all for my amusement... and that's what you're gonna get. Uh-huh - instead of taking me to dinner, or a club or a bar or whatever you had planned in your idiotic little fantasy-world... you're grovelling at me feet - waiting for the instruction to 'get cleaning'. That's right loser - you're not gonna be showing me off to all your friends - I'm gonna be showing you off to all of mine - because in just a moment, you're going to be licking the dirt from my soles while I live-stream you to my girlfriends. Haha! You're going to tongue-clean the filth from the bottom of my shoes while me and my hot, popular mean-girls humiliate the fuck out of you. Fun date, right loser?

OK, pedi-loser... 'Get Cleaning'! Go on - lick them you fucking idiot. Lick them spotless. Lick them back to brand fucking new. Lick them to a shine! Show my girlfriends what a good little shoe-shining drooler you are - show them! Show them how much you adore being my sole-worshipper - how much you enjoy being treated like this by me. You do, don't you? Even though you built up all that courage to ask me out on a date - you're enjoying being humiliated by me, aren't you? You're enjoying being treated like this - because you know this is all that you'll ever get. This is the closest to a date you'll get with me. On your knees - scraping the grit from every crevice of my cute shoe-soles with your ugly tongue. Such a perfect first-date for us, huh loser? You'll remember this forever - the day you got to clean Miss Gabie's soles... You're such a fucking loser - you're actually leaking! Ew! You're actually enjoying this embarrassment so much your pimple is drooling - that's totally pathetic! The meaner I am to you - the more you like it! Yick!

I know you think this is the perfect date already... I can see just by how drooly and leaky and icky your rejection-boner is from all this humiliation and shoe-licking already... but I know how to make this date EVEN more perfect for you... for all of us. I want you to cum - just from licking my soles. Can you do that you little pedi-failure - can you cum while being so totally humiliated? Can you - while you're being live-streamed to my girlfriends? Can you make a pedi-puddle for Princess you loser? While I bully you? While I call you names? While I scrape my shoes over your face and scrub them over your tongue? Would that make your date even better? If your dream-girl allowed you to 'gasm while being mocked? While I tell you all the reasons you'll never get a 'real' date with me... because you're a wimp, a failure, an unfuckable loser? because you're ugly and pathetic and you're on your fucking knees licking a bratty girl's shoes clean with your tongue as she insults you. Can you cum for Princess? Can you lick my shoes until you cum - for all my girlfriends to laugh at you? Are you gonna pedi-dork? Beg my heels - loser - beg Miss Gabie' shoes for permission to cum... Beg them, idiot!...

Added: 07-04-2024
Clip Length: 15m 09s
Shoe And Boot Worship Rejection Brat Girls Humiliation

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