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Pegged For Being A Lazy Chore-Bitch
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Do you think real men get ass-fucked by hot girls wearing big strap-on cocks? Do you think a real man would bend over for their holes to be filled with a thick silicone cock? I think you know answer to that, don't you? You know you're not a real man just as much as I do, and I think you want me to fuck you full of humiliation otherwise you'd have done your fucking chores properly. You'd have washed the dishes like I told you to, you'd have scrubbed the toilet and cleaned my heels properly... Look at the sole of these - a speck, right there! So now you're gonna pay for it you little bitch - with an emasculating ass-fucking from my chore-bitch-training strap-on cock. Bend the fuck over you panty-wearing little housemaid and submit to your humiliating ass-fucking! I'm going to strip you of your masculinity one indignant thrust after another - spread your legs chore-bitch - spread them for my big, fake strap-on cock because I'm gonna make you take every inch - You're gonna cry and scream SO loudly on the end of this thing that the neighbours will hear!

You need to be fucked so hard and so deep to teach you a lesson you lazy fucking house-bitch! You're gonna learn the hard way that it's me that makes the rules around here - and when I tell you to do something you'll do it and you'll to it PROPERLY. You're responsible for the chores - ALL of them! The gross ones, the boring ones, the menial and demeaning ones - and if I think you're not doing them to my standard - you're gonna pay for it with a brutal ass-fucking - you got that you little chore-princess?... And you're about to get your very first lesson because besides all the other mistakes you made today - you ironed a crease into my favourite panties and that is TOTALLY unforgivable! After I'm done with you today, you'll never make that mistake ever again. I'm gonna laugh at you, chore-slut - how will that feel, huh? A pretty girl laughing at you as you're getting ass-fucked? Giggling and making fun of you as I punish you for not doing your chores properly. How fucking humiliating for you! Your poor face will be red with shame and wet with tears of excruciating embarrassment, but I haven't even gotten to the most humiliating part of all yet, chore-bitch...

Your emasculating lesson is going to be handed to you in front of an audience! Haha - uh-huh, that's right you little house-bitch. I want my girlfriends to see what I do to you when you leave streaks on the glass wear, your dusting isn't good enough or the laundry isn't folded as neatly as I expect it to be. Yeah - you're gonna take this ass-fucking in front of them while you apologise for being a lazy fucking chore-bitch. With your hair gripped in my hand, I'm gonna fuck the laziness out of you with every deep, mistake-punishing thrust. This is a lesson you're NEVER gonna be allowed to forget - an ass-fucking in front of all my girlfriends will be the most humiliating experience of your life. I PROMISE you, chore-bitch. You'll NEVER dare to leave a chore half-done after I'm through with you. The names me and the girls will call you - the sound of our laughter - the embarrassing noises you won't be able to stop yourself from making - it will stay with you forever chore-bitch! Now - I think you were about to apologise for that speck of dirt, weren't you?...

Added: 02-06-2024
Clip Length: 16m 52s
Pegging Humiliation

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