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Bitchy-Bullies Give You Beta-Boners
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Ew! That's so yicky! Every time I talk down to you, you get a little boner. You're literally so gross! I can't believe a wimp like you would seriously get off to being spoken to like this - you should be ashamed of yourself. Yick! Every time I say something mean to you, you can't help but pop a tent in your pants. I bet you jerk off to girls like me saying every mean thing in the book to you, don't you? Like WTF, I've never come across anyone so pathetic that they actually want to be spoken to like this before. I've never come across anyone who would actually get off on it. There must be something wrong with you. You're so fucking inferior, that's your problem, to get your little dick hard over everything that I say to you. Is it just my insults or do you enjoy the snarky looks I give you too huh? My pretty curled lip. My wrinkled up nose. My look of utter contempt for you? Does that make you hard too... lemme try... yeah thought so!

Is it because you know this is the closest you're ever going to get to a girl like me? How many times have girls like me turned you down? Hundreds, I bet, before you stopped even trying to get our attention. You saw the disgust in their eyes when you tried to talk to them, maybe you understood that the best thing you could do for them was to leave them alone and pretend like you don't exist to us. They would never even think about going near someone like you, and finally, you accepted it. Is that why you have to get it hard to the sounds of popular girls insulting you? Because you know that it's the closest any of us is ever going to allow you? Because you know that's all the attention you'll get? Ugh, I don't know how someone could be so pathetic. How someone could be so desperate that they would listen to a person call them the scum of the earth, the dirt on their shoe, the meanest names and love every second of it.

And you'd put up with so much more if I wanted you to, wouldn't you? You'd let me and my girlfriends spit on you and you'd love every moment of it. And you'd let me do worse, too. I could slap you across the face, let my nails mark your skin, and you'd still pop a boner over it because you know it's the closest you could ever come to getting a girl like me to touch you. But I'm never even going to give you that. Just the sound of me telling you what a disgusting, icky, gross little creep you are is the best you're going to get from me, and you better understand that. If you ever try for anything more, I'll make you pay. You deserve nothing more than to hear how vile you are - it's the truth of what all girls think of you, I'm the only one generous enough to actually say it to you. If you think I'm mean, you should hear what all the girls say about you behind your back. I'm never ever gonna get bored of calling you names and bullying boners out of you loser so get used to hearing all the mean thing that come from my pretty lips

Added: 19-04-2024
Clip Length: 14m 39s

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