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I love ruining the lives of beta rejects like you. I love the fact that just because I'm beautiful you will do whatever I ask - even if it means ruining your life. I want you to do things to destroy your life for me because it's entertaining for one and secondly, it ensures the only thing worth living for is me. I want you to load yourself up with a crippling amount of debt - I'll take all the money of course and you can suffer the consequences of having your credit score reduced to zero after I force you to default on the repayments. I want you locked in a steel chastity device and you're going to destroy the key and seal the lock with superglue. You can go through the rest of your life knowing your sexlife has been destroyed forever. I want you to publicly humiliate yourself. Dress up like a pretty schoolgirl but make sure your face is left completely recognisable. Now cum all over your face and take a selfie - I want you to send it to me for me to share with everyone you know. I'm going to ruin every relationship you have - personal and professional and you're going to help me do it. I want to be a front row spectator to the complete destruction of your life - I want to watch everything you have taken away from you. Your friends, family, your job, your assets - all gone because I told you to. I want you financially fucked for the rest of your life - I want your education ruined. I want you addicted to femdom porn, spending money on me and my lifestyle and the feeling of rejection and being alone. Nobody will want anything to do with you when I'm done - not even me.

Added: 29 Mar 2019
Clip Length: 12m 21s