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You totally failed at being a boy so what other option were you hoping for huh? You're submissive, you're weak, you're awkward and shy around hot girls like me. You're less than a beta male - you're a failed male! So, it's not like you have any choice - you had to quit before it got any worse for you - it was time to see if you'd be better off as a girl. I know you probably always saw yourself turning into a man, finding yourself a girlfriend and settling down but the truth is - that path would always lead to disappointment for you. Turning you into a girl is what a failed male like you deserves. I know it's humiliating for you. You're being feminized by a hot girl as she makes fun of you for being a sissy, but trust me - you were meant to be a girl - so that's what I'm going to turn you into. And I'm not going to turn you into some basic-bitch girl either, sissy. No - you're going to be ULTRA girly! Like a pornstar barbie doll! I'm going to dress you in extreme heels, bright pink micro skirts, tiny little belly-tops - you're going to look so fucking BIMBO! You'll have long blonde hair that I'll decorate with ditzy accessories like cute pink ribbons and bows. I'll help you perfect your makeup and I'll give you XL lashes and long, painted nails. Nobody will ever know you used to be a failed male! You're going to get a full transformation sissy - I'll have you pumped full of hormones and silicone to make sure you have the perfect barbie-girl figure - huge tits and a tiny little waist. Then with your failure boy parts all permanently locked away in chastity, you'll finally be the girl you were always meant to be.