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From Wedding Ring To Chastity Key
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Recognise this key loser? You should do - you bought it for me and it was VERY expensive. Still don't recognise it? Let me give you a clue - the last time you saw it I was wearing it on my hand. Aw you look so confused - let me put you out of your misery. This key used to be my wedding ring. You slipped it onto my finger the day we got married - and now It hangs around my neck and dangles between my perfect cleavage. It's now the key to your chastity device honey! Isn't that cute! The thing is my new boyfriend didn't like seeing me wearing my wedding ring - so he suggested I have it melted down and turned into the key to your chastity device. The ring you spent so much money on to claim me as your wife has been reduced to the key that keeps you locked up while another man fucks me! The ring that so many guys came on while I cheated on you over and over again is now the key that keeps you permanently caged in chastity. This key is going to torment you forever - you bought it for me so that everyone can see I belong to you - but now I wear it around my neck so that everyone can see you belong to me! My new boyfriend loves the fact he has destroyed your claim to me and replaced it with the key to your sex life. He loves the fact that you cannot fuck your own wife while he gets to do whatever he likes. I prefer it this way too honey. Every time I go to the club, I no longer need to hide my wedding ring - instead I wear it proudly around my neck so that guys know I have a cuckold husband locked in chastity. I love it when people ask me what it's for - and I always tell them the truth!
Alexa Brooke
19/11/2018 - 13 minutes
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