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Gyminatrix Kimmy

Gyminatrix Kimmy

I'm the girl you're secretly drooling over at the gym while you're trying to keep up on the running machine. I'm the unapproachable Instagram fitness bitch that you'd better hope doesn't catch you staring at my perfectly formed ass, my long golden legs and my goddess-toned body. I'm the Alpha Gyminatrix that loves nothing more than shaming beta losers like you in front of all the other hot work-out girls.

I'll put you through your paces and shape you up with a dose of humiliation. I'll make you work-out in a pink spandex leotard and leg-warmers with a plug in your ass. I'll fat-shame you in front of the hottest gym-bunnies. I'll bully you and make you lick the sweat from my gym sneakers so that everyone can see what a pansy you are. You'll beg to pay for my gym membership just so I go easy on you... haha! Like I'd ever go easy on a wheezing wimp like you!

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