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Mila Amora

Mila Amora

I could well be your total destruction. I have the glamour-girl looks losers like you drool over and I'm much much smarter than you too. I guess I could have used this combination for good but I much prefer to be the bad girl. You don't stand a chance - if I set my attention on you I'll have you kneeling in panties, your cock locked in a chastity cage with your wallet in your mouth ready to be ruined. Manipulating fucktards into doing whatever I want - no matter how humiliating it is for them is easy for me and I draw endless entertainment from doing it. Understanding your inferiority to me and my hot girlfriends will make it easier on you but I'll never let you get used to the shame and humiliation - I have more ways to ridicule you than you could ever imagine!

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