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Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily

I am Tiger Lily - your NEW priority in life. My luxury lifestyle will be your financial responsibility to maintain. If you are spending money signing up to humili-porn websites and buying femdom clips you have way to much spare cash. I'm going to put that right - instead of spending money on your addictions you're going to be spending it on my bills, my lips, my tits, my hair and my nails. Spoiling and treating me to expensive gifts & cute outfits to wear for other men is what you will live for. Broke wimps who whine about not earning enough to support my demanding financial expectations will be forced to find new ways of making money. I'll whore your holes out, I'll turn you into a sissy waitress or I'll sell you to an underground fetish ring to spend your life imprisoned and abused. One way or another you will pay for me to have the life I deserve loser.

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