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I Deserve Better
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I can do better than you - I'm young and beautiful and guys hit on me all the time - like ALL the time! I've tried so hard to be faithful to you, but I know I deserve better. Look at me - do you think I can do better than you? Do you think you deserve to have a girlfriend like me? You know you don't - you know you I can do much better than you which is why you're gonna help me find someone better. I want you to become my cuckold. I want to keep you in my life as a submissive, a beta to help me enjoy the life I deserve - with the men I deserve. You'll feel so much better being my cuckold - you won't have to try to hold on to a girl that's too good for you anymore, you won't have to compete with more attractive men, with bigger dicks, you won't have to worry about me cheating on you.

Demoting you from boyfriend to cuckold gives us both the life we deserve. I'll be with the men I really deserve - better men - and you will help me. You can take the photos for my dating app profiles, help me choose the outfits to get me the most attention and help filter through all the guys who'll want to date me. You can buy my date night lingerie, a hot little dress and pay for my salon makeovers - my hair, my nails, by makeup. I want you to help me look perfect for the men that deserve a girl like me. You can help me get ready for them and then you can drive me to my date. I want you to see the look on his face when he sees how good I look for him. I know it will make you so jealous, cuckold. It will be hard to see me with a more deserving man, but you'll still be in my life. You're getting what you deserve as much as I am.

We both deserve this, and you especially deserve to be a cuckold. You deserve to be locked in chastity as I enjoy myself with other men. You deserve to be made to help me get ready for my dates. You deserve the pain of seeing me so happy with them. You deserve the humiliation of watching other men take your place. You deserve the embarrassment of standing aside as I bring my men home to fuck. You deserve to be made to serve them - to suck their cocks before they fuck me. You deserve to be laughed at - for losing me to better men. You deserve to be on cuckold clean-up duty. You deserve all that because I can do better that you, cuckold.

Added: 20-11-2020
Clip Length: 14m 07s
Cuckolding Humiliation Chastity Rejection

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