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Hand Me The Power To Ruin You
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You want me to have the power to totally ruin you right? You love the thought that a hot, bratty girl like me could fuck up your whole life - exposing you for the humiliation addicted bitch you are. There's nothing more thrilling for me than having the power to destroy you and to cause you extreme public humiliation. I want you to hand that power to me on a silver plate. You're going to be provide me all the material I need to fuck your entire world - knowing that at any moment I could do just that. Every time your phone bleeps with a notification you'll wonder if it's a fresh command to complete a humiliating assignment or if I've just exposed you on social media. The anxiety I will cause you will consume you - humiliating assignments with a strict timescale to complete before you're exposed, demands to pay for something or face instant exposure or tormenting messages that you must respond to immediately or suffer humiliating consequences. Your life will be mine to play with - I decide what happens to you - whether your career is ruined or not - whether your relationship is ruined or not and whether your finances are ruined or not. You will assist with your own blackmail - you will complete the humiliating tasks I give you today to start your life as my blackmail victim and you will complete the subsequent assignments to force you deeper. First, you're going to send me a video of you riding a big dildo until you cum. Full face into the camera - dildo suctioned to the floor or wall and wriggle, grind and fuck the cum out of your limp cock. No touching faggot - fuck yourself until the cum leaks from your cock - and then send me the video... next...
Jessie Boulevard
16/06/2019 - 14 minutes
office domination
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CruelGirlfriend - Hand Me The Power To Ruin You - #Humiliation