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Debt Collection Clause 7b
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It's too late for excuses Piggie. It's too late for negotiating or trying to back out of your obligations to me. We have a contract - and not just some blackmail-fantasy pretend contract - I mean a REAL DEBT contract. Legally binding - drawn up by my lawyer, signed by you and witnessed - your debt to me is real and your debt to me is fully legally enforceable. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. You can either accept your newly-fucked financial status and make your repayments to me when I snap my pretty manicured fingers at you or I'll have to get seriously devious with you. Either way - I really will get the cash I am owed.

Let's suppose you want to do it the hard way... I'll just have to invoke Collection Clause 7b and collect the cash I'm owed in person. I'll turn up at your place of work or at your home or somewhere unexpected and very public and I'll demand my money. I'll create such a humiliating situation for you too piggie. Maybe I'll be dressed from head to toe in shiny PVC or leather, whip coiled in my hand as I announce I'm here to collect from my Pay-piggie - you. Maybe I'll go for something bratty, mean-girls style and tell everyone you're my little brat-worshiping cuck-piggie and I want more spending money. However I decide to do it I'll make sure that I'll fucking humiliate you!

Believe me piggie - I really will humiliate you - I'll make it known to everyone nearby that you owe me - for your pathetic out-of-control FINDOM addiction. I'll spit my bubblegum out and stick it to your forehead as you count out my money in front of everyone. I'll call you names and tell you to hurry the fuck up. I'll make you thank me for taking your money in such an embarrassing way and I'll force you to kiss my heels before I walk away with the cash. Any girls who saw what I just did to you will be giggling as I flip you a middle finger and leave you to lick your wounds. Maybe next time you'll learn to do it the easy way huh piggie?

Added: 03-06-2022
Clip Length: 14m 00s
Findom Humiliation Public Humiliation Blackmail

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