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He Told Me To Bring A Friend
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I look so hot right cuckold? You love this outfit on me dontcha? I'm wearing it for him tonight though cuckold - your rival. The guy who I just can't help cheating on you with all the time. I know it hurts you when you see me making such an effort for him but you know he deserves me looking good for him. It's his little reward for fucking your little princess so well. And there's another reason I'm looking extra hot for him tonight cuckold... it's because I have competition. He told me to bring a friend so I decided to bring Jasmine. Yeah - my hot-as-fuck best friend Jasmine. She'll be here any second and I know she's gonna be dressed super hot for him too. --- --- Look at the two hottest girls you know, cuckold - your hot girlfriend and her BFF. He is gonna fucking love getting your ultimate fantasy tonight. 2 girls all to himself. 2 girls rubbing against him, sucking his cock, pushing our tits into his face and giving him whatever he wants while you stay at home in your little cock-cage. Maybe we'll get him to send you a message telling you how good it is. We are going to give him the time of his life - because he deserves it cuckold. He'll know exactly what to do with us - you're hot cheating girlfriend's mouth around his cock while my best friend licks his balls - OMG cuckold can you imagine? It's everything you've ever wanted and we're giving it all to another man. You will never ever get this - not ever. Girls like us are too hot for you - too intimidating - too demanding. That's why your cock is locked in chastity while you get cuckolded. That's why your hot girlfriend is taking her best friend to double-up on your real man rival and not you.
Daisy DillonJasmin M
02/09/2019 - 17 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - He Told Me To Bring A Friend - #Cuckold