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The guy I've been cheating on you with enjoys bullying you so much. It's not enough for him to take your girlfriend from you - he wants to humiliate you too. He gets an extra power-kick out of making your cuckolding even more embarrassing for you. He said he wants to treat me like his whore. Like an actual call girl. He wants you to feel like your girlfriend is just his whore - to call up whenever he feels like. He wants to have me delivered to his hotel room door to fuck - just like a real call girl. He told me to give him your number so he can send his demands through to you. He wants you to take care of everything for him. He's going to send you a message whenever he wants his whore - he'll demand what he wants me to wear for him, where he wants me delivered and what he wants to do to me and your job is to make it all happen.

You'll have to drop whatever you're doing to make sure he gets your call-girl girlfriend delivered on time - exactly how he wants me. If he wants me dressed in my hottest lingerie, or in some kinky sex-outfit - you'll have to make sure that's what he gets. You'll help me get ready and you'll drive me to wherever he's staying. You'll escort me to his hotel room and hand me over to him. You'll watch your girlfriend step inside his hotel room and close the door - leaving you stood outside all on your own. You can wait for me in the lobby cuckold - I'll be all his for the next few hours. He'll send me back down to you after he's done with me - along with some cash to make you understand I'm just his whore.

It's such a hot arrangement! I get to play the part of a bad-girl, and you get totally fucking humiliated! you have to watch another man using your little princess as his personal fuck-slut. You have to be ready to deliver your girlfriend to him whenever he says so. You have to buy all the sex-clothes he wants your girlfriend to wear for him. You have to read all the things he wants to do to me and all the things he wants me to do to him. You're gonna be his one-man call-girl agency making sure he has your girlfriend whenever his dick is hard.

Added: 31 Jul 2020
Clip Length: 14m 47s