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I'm glad we had our little talk babe. I know your sexual performance has been bothering you but it's good that you've finally accepted that you're a beta. No more anxiety about failing me in the bedroom, no more worrying about not being hard enough, big enough, good enough. Now that we both understand that you're a natural born beta, we can deal with it. I don't want you to worry about me leaving you, I don't want you to worry about not satisfying me - in fact you don't need to worry about me at all anymore - he'll take care of me now... The thing is, being a beta may be new information to you, but I've always known. As soon as we started dating I could tell you weren't a 'real-man'. You were intimidated by girls like me - hot girls. You were submissive and 'sensitive' - you were obviously a beta - which is why I knew I'd have to find myself another guy to take care of the things you wouldn't be man enough for.

So really - don't worry. I have a real-man to step into your shoes - to be the MAN a girl like me deserves. You will be my cuckold. That's what happens to beta's babe. Betas become cuckolds. Beta's get cheated on. Beta's stand back and let other men fuck their girlfriends. So there's no need to worry about your sexual performance anymore - because that's not your department now. Your department is being a cuckold and as we all know that you're a beta - we all know you'll make such a good cuckold. You'll take on all the duties that cuckolds have to do. From buying the things my new man will want to see me wear for him - like hot lingerie, cute outfits that show off my beta-intimidating body and bedroom heels, to helping me prepare myself for him - helping me get dresses, pampering me, bathing me. And of course you'll need to make sure the bedroom is ready for him. Condoms and lube are well stocked and the bedding is fresh. You'll take care of everything that a good beta cuckold should.

You're going to be happy knowing he'll be taking care of your girlfriend from now on. He'll be taking care of me on dates, he'll be taking care of me on our nights out with my girlfriends, he'll be taking care of me in the clubs and bars, he'll be taking care of me on our way home, he'll be taking care of me in the back of the taxi and he'll be taking care of me when we walk through the door. And you know he'll especially be taking care of me in the bedroom. Don't you cuckold? That's the most important time for him to take care of your girlfriend now that you're no longer allowed to. Beta's don't get that responsibility. Beta's don't get to fuck the same girls as real-men. Beta's only get to watch! Now that you know you're a beta male - you're going to have to watch me fuck my real man - to see where you were underperforming all this time. And he is gonna show you, cuckold - he is gonna show you just how a girl like me needs to be taken care of... over and over and over again!

Added: 11 Jan 2021
Clip Length: 14m 48s