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Humiliated By Your Intern Crush
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So one of the girls has told me you have a real crush on me. You can stutter and stammer all you like - she's told me how you've been staring at me like a creep whenever I'm in the same room as you. She told me how you were literally drooling at me filling up the photocopier in my short skirt the other day. Admit it - you have a crush on the hot office intern. Do you think any of us hot girls like to be leered at by losers like you? Do you think we deserve your unwanted attention in the work place? Fuck no. Losers like you should keep your mind away from girls like us - save your pathetic cravings for unobtainable girls to your sad little porn life. I'm going to give you 2 choices loser - I can either submit a complain to HR about you or I can punish you in a less formal but much more humiliating way. I have witnesses remember loser - we'll ruin your whole career. Or you can accept a humiliating punishment in front of me and all the girls. I'm going to call my boyfriend and tell him all about what you've been up to and when he comes here - I want you to kneel before all of us and apologise. Apologise to me for having a crush on me. Apologise to the other girls for making them all feel grossed out and apologise to my boyfriend for leering at me. Then we'll decide how to punish you. Maybe you'll just get a humiliating spanking from my real man in front of us all. Maybe we'll make you wear a pair of panties and suck his cock while we all take photos of you. It's up to you loser - I can always call HR if you'd prefer?
Tiger Lily
24/12/2018 - 13 minutes
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