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I'm Gonna Dress You - He's Gonna Fuck You
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I want you to look so pretty tonight sissy. I'm going to dress you up and fix your hair and makeup to make you look girlier than you ever have before. I want you to have an ultra-feminine figure so I'm going to tightly lace you into a strict corset. I'm going to bring your waist in so tiny that I'll be able to get both hands around you. You'll be fighting for every breath, but you'll have the perfect girly shape. It'll be too difficult for you to roll your seamed stockings up your smooth legs, so I'll help you with that and I'll clip them into each of the 12 suspender straps. I'll help you step into the 6 in stiletto heels I picked out for you. I'm going to fill your corset breast cups with huge silicone falsies and glue them to your chest. You're gonna look just like a cartoon with your tiny waist and huge tits! I've found the perfect figure-hugging micro-dress to put you in - it's gonna show off every curve of your newly forced-feminine body. I'll spend hours painting your face, contouring your cheeks, giving your lips several thick layers of gloss red lipstick and applying fuck-me eyeshadows and mascara. Your pretty eyes are going to be loaded with extra-long lashes and your brows are going to be tweezed into perfect arches. Finally, the wig. A beautiful long blonde wig will be clipped onto your head to complete your transformation. You can look in the mirror now sissy and admire my prettiest of creations. You look so hot you don't even recognise yourself. Now let's take you into "Sir's" room - he's been looking forward to seeing you and I know he's looking forward to fucking you too sissy!
Mila Amora
18/10/2018 - 12 minutes
submissive / slave training
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CruelGirlfriend - I'm Gonna Dress You - He's Gonna Fuck You - #ForcedBi