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Isla Foxx

Your basic-bitch wife hates girls like me - not JUST because I'm hotter than she is - or because her pervert husband secretly jerks off to me and never ever her - she hates girls like me because I can make you do whatever I fucking say. I can bully you and boss you around and you just do it. I can make you clean my shoes with your tongue and make you scrub the toilet with your toothbrush and you'll obey me without hesitation. It's not nagging when I give you orders - it's SUPREMECY. If I make you hand over your money you don't resent me like you would her - it's an honour to give me money. When I humiliate you and punish you in front of my girlfriends - it's not gonna make you upset and angry - it's gonna make you HARD! You love being my submissive - you love being a dominated little wimp. You love being owned by ME - and that's the reason wifey hates girls like me!