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Stay pussy-free forever loser. Locked in chastity by your cruel girlfriend - denied for the rest of your life and left to suffer in your teeny tiny chastity device. I'm gonna break you, beta-boy. I'm going to lock you away for so long you won't even be able to get hard ever again. I'll tease you over and over while you leak precum tears from your cage - and that's the best it's ever going to get for you. Once you're locked inside, I'm never letting you out. Your helpless cock will do everything it can to get hard at first. My relentless teasing will make sure of that. My perfect body in pretty lingerie and teeny-tiny outfits will have your poor cock bursting through every gap in the cage, but eventually the pain will train your cock to stay limp.

I'll torment you every day - pushing my perfect tits against you, rubbing my sexy bottom against your helpless cock, flicking my long hair in your face, teasing and teasing you - laughing as your poor cock leaks and drools - so desperate to be let out. But it's never getting out loser. Not ever. I'm keeping you in chastity forever. Permanently denied the pretty girl who is enjoying your misery. I'm going to ruin your cock - I'm going to make it limp inside that little cage. The smallest cage I can find for you - so it's always uncomfortable.

I'm going to wear the key to your device on a pretty necklace and you'll have to watch your little key resting between my tits. I'm gonna tell everyone that I keep you locked up and pussy-free in a little pink cock-cage. I want all my girlfriends to laugh at you and I want my boyfriends to laugh at you too. I'm gonna tell everyone that I'm making you impotent just for my fun. Turning one more loser pussy-free and locked away from girls forever.

Added: 26 Jul 2020
Clip Length: 16m 19s