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It's time we went shopping again cucky. My hot new boyfriend has been fucking me so much lately I'm running out of cute little outfits to wear for him in the bedroom so we're all going lingerie shopping today. And when I say 'We' I mean all of us - you, me and my big Alpha fuck toy. I'm taking you to the lingerie store with my real man and we're gonna humiliate you in front of all the hot sales girls. I'm gonna make you follow us around as he picks out cute outfits for your little princess to wear for him. I want you to stand right behind us as I ask him what colour panties he'd like me to wear, whether he'd like me to wear stockings for him. I'm gonna pick out so many cute sets, panties, lacy corsets and pretty bras and I'm going to pile them up in your arms as you follow us around. You're going to wait outside the changing room like a good little cuck as my real man helps me try on the pretty things I want to wear for him. Endure the confused looks from other shoppers and the hot sales girls as they see you standing outside my changing room with an arm full of girlie lingerie while the sounds of my stud and I behind the curtain are clear for everyone to hear. Watch helplessly as another man has his hands all over me as we stand in line at the checkout. Feel jealous as you see me kiss him as we hand all the cute items to the cashier and then feel the totally humiliated when I tell the sales girl my CUCKOLD is gonna pay and look right at you. You're gonna want the whole world to swallow you up - all the hotties buying outfits to please their boyfriends will be laughing at you. Everyone will be laughing at you!
Mila Amora
17/12/2018 - 12 minutes
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