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Mail Order Bitch
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Hi, I'm Mila - you ordered me through the Mail Order Bride network remember? Well here I am. Before we go through the rules of our relationship I just need to get you locked into this chastity device… (CLICK!) Good - so now that you're locked in the cock cage let's go through the checklist of attributes you wanted in your Mail Order Bride. Pretty (tick! - obviously), Smart (tick! - much smarter than you idiot!), Hot Body (tick! I'm fucking perfect!), Dominant (tick! - oh you didn't mean to tick that huh?), Sadistic / Cruel (tick! - oh that was a mistake too right?), Expert Humiliatrix (tick! - oops another mistake loser?). Well it's too late to change your mind now loser - I'm here now and I tick EVERY box! The rules of this relationship are simple - I'm in charge around here now and that chastity device is staying on FOR GOOD! You will not be fucking your pretty, smart, hot bodied now bride - like ever - so you'll stay locked in that cage like a good little beta-hubby. The next rule is that you'll be an obedient cuckold to me and the Alpha guys I decide to bring home. Unlike losers like you, these men don't order their brides online - they just take yours whenever they want. The next rule is that you'll wear panties and be humiliated whenever it amuses me. Whether to punish you or keep you in line or just to make me laugh - you'll be feminized and humiliated. Oh, and then there's the finances of this relationship - I control them all of course. Your money is my money. I hope that clears everything up hubby! I trust you understand your place in this relationship clearly?
Mila Amora
19/08/2018 - 11 minutes
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