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Come on its time for you to show your hand! It's your last chance to win something tonight... Remember our deal - whoever loses gets a forfeit! Come on show me your cards - what do you have? Oh wow, a full house, well that's a great hand, but not as good as a Royal Flush babe! Haha and you know what that means; you lose the game and you get a forfeit and I have the perfect one in mind for you too! For your forfeit you're gonna let me give you a full feminizing makeover! Haha I'm gonna go all out - with makeup, false lashes, nail polish the whole works! Then I'm gonna get you dressed in a cute little outfit ready for a girl's night in! Haha I know it'll be embarrassing but don't worry 'sissy', I promise nobody's gonna find out, and besides you do owe a forfeit! It's only fair!

Thick makeup, heavy pink eyeshadow, tons of blusher! Those XL false lashes make your pretty little eyes pop! Wow you look so cute sissy! And the long blonde wig is perfect to finish it all off! Now let's get you dressed sissy, we thought the perfect outfit to complement your trashy look would be these slutty panties, this tiny mini-skirt, a cute little tube top, girly knees high socks and a pair of Pleaser stripper-heels, which we're gonna padlock to your feet in case you decide you wanna change your mind! A deal is a deal sissy - you lost the game so now you have to do as I say - so put it all on, there's a good girl HAHA! I want you to look ultra girly for your girl's night in.

Model for me sissy! Pout for the camera, Haha You look so pretty! Don't worry - the pictures are just fun! Now give me a bimbo pose, PERFECT! Wow you're such a stupid girl aren't you! Can you imagine the damage I could do with these photos! I could ruin your whole life with them! All your friends and family would think you're a pathetic little pansy! How could you explain the makeup, the wig, the heels LOCKED on to your feet? The skirt the nail polish - the girly socks haha it's SO obviously what you're into! Why else would you let a girl do all this to you? Aw what's wrong sissy? You can't take those heels off now - they are staying locked firmly in place, and don't even think about getting undressed unless you want these photos posted all over social media! Now lets take a few more pictures to use as leverage to make sure you do ALL the humiliating things I have planned for you later!