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Panties Stay On Until The Cum Is Gone
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You're gonna swallow cum for me and I'm going to supervise your humiliating cum-drinking to make sure you actually do it sissy! It's simple - if you don't eat ALL the cum, I'll leave your trapped in all your sissy, girly frills. The thought of swallowing my real man's cum right in front of a hot girl like me probably sounds fucking humiliating, right? Well it's not even close to how humiliating it would be if you were left locked inside all those ruffles and ribbons and bows would it sissy? I'm going to make sure every girly thing you wear has a cute little padlock on it to make sure it stays on you until I say so. Your panties, your heels, your corset, your dress - all locked on. You won't be getting out of any of it until you've gulped down his alpha loads. Every time you drink down one of his big slimy cumloads for me I'll give you one of the padlock keys. I'll stand right over you dangling one of his heavy used condoms and make you beg me to empty it all over your pretty painted face. I'm going to film you with my phone - every condom-full of cum you drink. That's the deal sissy - if you want your boy-clothes back you're gonna drink his loads and I'm gonna record you doing it. When you've guzzled the first of his loads down I'll let you have one of the keys - maybe the corset first, then one of your heels, then your panties, then the other heel and finally I'll let you have the key to your pretty, pink sissy dress. You'll have to drink at least 5 cummy condoms before you're completely free though sissy. Or - if you'd prefer - I could just leave you here - all locked inside your humiliating uniform.
Queen Kitty
23/06/2019 - 14 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Panties Stay On Until The Cum Is Gone - #Feminization