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Pimped For Your Sissy Surgery
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Your surgery wasn't cheap sissy. It could have been - I could have sent you to Thailand to have cheap implants and feminization surgery but I wanted you to look perfect. You've had the best and most extreme sissy-surgery money can buy. Your tits are huge and perfectly shaped. Your figure has been given the most amazing curves and your face is more feminine that I could ever have hoped. Big lips, a cute little nose and high cheek bones. Everything has been done to make you look like a living sex doll - a plastic porn-star! Your transformation was expensive sissy - VERY expensive. Would you like to know the cost? It's 180 blowjobs, 15 bachelor party gang fucks, 175 fucks, 80 hand-jobs and 10 nights at the gloryhole. That's how much you're gonna have to do to repay me for turning you into the perfect bimbo. I've already posted the advert sissy - I already have an inbox full of clients waiting to use my newly transformed slut. I'm selling your pretty girls’ body to men willing to pay a premium for a force-feminized sissy - turned into a whore against her will. Your huge silicone tits are going to be squeezed and groped, your pumped-up lips are going to be stretched around strangers' big fat cocks, your cute, curvy bottom is going to be fucked over and over and your pretty, feminine face is going to be splashed with cum. You're going to pay me back for your feminization surgery by being whored out and humiliated every day. By the time your debt is repaid you're going to need even more surgery to repair all the damage your clients do to you - and when that time comes - I'll turn you into even more of a bimbo than I did this time!
Jessie Boulevard
25/02/2019 - 12 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Pimped For Your Sissy Surgery - #Feminization