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Let's find out just how much of a sissy you are - lets see if you're a total pansy who knows all her pretty sissy poses. Do you know how to make bratty girls giggle at you? Do you know how to make real men hard for you? Do you know how to look helpless and submissive? Do you know how to beg for cum? Shall we find out if you know all the right poses to make you the ultimate sissy? I'm sure you're already dressed up in your prettiest girly frills for your humiliating posing assessment. You're wearing your most ultra-feminine panty set? Stockings? Heels? A pretty dress or uniform? A wig and makeup? Good - well let's begin...

First, I want to see how you pose for blackmail pictures. This is an EXTRA humiliating pose so that anyone who sees it knows you're a real sissy. Lean in to the camera, pout those lips, kick your hip out - hahaha! Perfect! Next, I want you to give me your street-whore pose - the exact pose you'll make when you're made to work a corner for me. Lean, bend one leg - one heel against your knee, hair back. Good sissy! That pose will earn girls like me a lot of money. Now you need to show me your back-seat blow-job pose. On your belly, arch your back and grip your heels - hold it right there sissy - you're gonna spend a lot of time in that position!

You know which pose is the most important sissy? It's the cummy-facial pose. The one where you're on your back, your stockinged legs and 6in heels over your head and your pansy-stick pointing straight into your own mouth. The one with your thickly glossed lips open wide ready for your icky sissy-slime. Now would be a really good time to show me this position. Get your smooth legs in the air and start stroking yourself - let's see if you can give yourself the perfect sissy-facial to pose with. Go on sissy - aim your dick into your face and empty your cummies all over your face for me.